Company Information

Description of the Business

Urals Energy Public Company Limited, a Cyprus-based holding company, is an independent oil company with its operating assets located in Russia. Urals Energy's main exploration and production operations are both onshore and offshore, on Sakhalin Island and in Timan Pechora (Kolguev Island).

According to Miller and Lents, Ltd. ("Miller and Lents"), the Company's independent reserves auditors, as at 1 January 2014 the Company had 2P (proved and probable) reserves of 46.3 mmboe.

The Company is currently producing on average approximately 2 kbopd from Petrosakh and Arcticneft with 100% of production being refined in Petrosakh and 100% being exported in Arcticneft.

The Company maintains its head office in Nicosia, Cyprus and operates its Russian holdings and directs the management of their operations through its Moscow subsidiary, OOO Urals Energy (a Russian limited liability company).

Registered Office

Glafkos Tower
Office 501, 5th Floor
3 Menandrou Street
1066 Nicosia

Registration Number

Company registered in Cyprus No. 142893

Articles of Association

The current Articles of Association of the Company (as revised, the "Articles") were adopted by the Company on 18 July 2005, revised at an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of the Company on 16 January 2006, further revised at the annual general meeting of shareholders of the Company on 1 June 2006 and further revised at the annual general meeting of shareholders of the Company on 9 November 2017. The Articles incorporate by reference Part I of Table A in the First Schedule to the Cyprus Companies Law. To the extent of a conflict between the Articles and Table A, the terms of the Articles will prevail.

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