Existing Infrastructure

  • In-house drilling and oil field services
    • equipment and machinery: two rigs with a capacity of 80 and 100 tons (development and sidetracking drilling up to 2000m)
  • The only refinery on the island
    • refining capacity of circa 4,200 bopd with option to expand
    • wide range of oil products - producing diesel, gasoline, kerosene and fuel oil
  • Additional flexibility
    • rail terminal and an oil processing facility with capacity of circa 8,300 bopd
    • export crude oil storage capacity of 300,000 bbl and an oil product storage capacity of 64,000 bbl
    • existing storage facilities provide for accumulation of production all year round
  • International sea terminal with direct access to export routes
    • renewable license for handling hazardous goods, including oil and oil products
    • suitable for loading/unloading operations
    • access of oil tankers from 6,000 to 80,000 ton deadweight
    • allows export of up to 100% of crude and refined products
    • cost effective option to upgrade to allow export of high margin refined products

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